Wear Headphones and Don’t Be Afraid of the Green!

While you are able to assume yourself with many mobile games with the sound off, your current game is one of what you’d like to check with the minimum sound, or, with your headphones. You can utilize every information that the game supplies so that you can define the next strategies. If you do not get it, you will lack a noticeable indicator of where everyone is.
Not too many persons ferreted out this in Rules of Survival. Consequently, you can hit the deck and hold on until you hear the noise coming from a car or footsteps of an enemy. While they are approaching, a sign will pop up on HUD. These will be as good as running wall hacks in the reality as you can perceive absolutely where he is pointing his gun at you before you make out him.
When you manipulate the sound and act patiently as we have mentioned above, you can stay alive for a long time. Do not behave as “a chicken with its head cut off”! Otherwise, your life will not be guaranteed. The airplane winging overhead is regarded as the bomb dropping in the red zone can interfere your hearing. But, it can be your edge over the antagonist when you assume that they are listening to you.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Green!

The main mechanics that operate these battle royale games concentrate on the system of circles which can regulate where you and other players will “go next to not take damage.” The primary circle will become visible on the map and it is placed inside a bigger one. You are required to make it to that smaller ring by the time the larger hits its edge or you will be injured.
Something which is considered strong will be insignificant in the initial combat. Nonetheless, somebody solves it like you will get null if you step out of them. Moreover, you will be knocked out for sure, but it is a problem you can heal without effort. Just have enough obligatory items.
By paying no attention to the first circle, you can be in an area of the map. From that, you will not run into anybody and you can loot everything. When you gaze at PUBG played on the pro level, you will discern that some people will not get in the circle until the end game. Despite it is pretty hazardous, it will work excellently. Do not fear to take damage because the future reward is great!