Pick up Important Objects, the Shocking Psychology of ‘Door Meta’ and How to Leave Loot

Have Priority to Loot and Pick up the Most Important Objects!

Keep calm although you are in troubles! Firstly, you can find a backpack and a helmet. The backpack will help you store more and expand the carrying capacity. In addition to that, it can determine the quantity of the ammo and something else that you will bring during your trip. It is necessary for you, especially when you strive to add more medical kits or vital tools. if you have not any backpack, you should be prepared for the incoming bad outcome because you do not get an advantage over the opponent. Meanwhile, the helmet will be used as a special and essential “shield” for your head. It can block headshots from popping your brain. Make sure you can possess one. After that, you will hunt a weapon like a shotgun or a submachine gun or any kind of rifles. Scopes in the cool Rules of Survival game are incredibly strong. They will support you to shoot the prey from so far away while they do not realize they are going to be killed. The drawback is a scoped rifle which is not significant for close quarters combat taking place in a house or something like that since they are where you will swap the shotgun or the SMG.

The Shocking Psychology of the “Door Meta” and Leaving Loot Behind

If you have entered a building to loot, open doors, and step towards, you can look backward and recognize that you are drawing a clear path by yourself with footsteps. You must master the psychology of the rivals as if they roam across a house which has several doors closed and a few assault rifle ammo laying in the middle of the room will look like a reasonable arrangement to bait someone whilst they think that they will be safe and they cannot imagine that you are hiding, for example, in the bathroom, to welcome them with deadly headshots. Normally, people will let guards down when they believe that the house has not been looted. Congrats! Try to seize that opportunity to remove him and steal everything he is bringing!

Be Patient!

All beginners can feel excited about playing the new fast-paced deathmatch against each other after they commence. But, they should wait a couple minutes to adapt to initial conditions of Rules of Survival. It can bring a surprising result: You will be able to get to the top 25 often.
When you join the first part of the game, slowly move into the circle and evade fighting against others. Simply, widen your eyes and focus on the surroundings where you can catch sight of gear and ammunition. Do not ignore them and remember to take care of your health! They are pickings for those who are low on health. Do not be overconfident after getting some kills! Select a pleasant spot and relax while awaiting others coming to you!