How To Gain More Wins In Rules of Survival Game

Top tips and tricks to achieve more wins in Rules of Survival available!

If you are looking for somehow to rank up or dominate the leaderboard or being the ultimate soldier, you’d better keep reading now. Play Rule of Survival the game and don’t forget to apply the important hacks below! However, you need to install your controls within BlueStacks so as to acquire the optimum settings. After that, quickly come back here to implement your plan! Let’s dig deeper into tactics to climb up to a higher spot!

Try to land safely!

It is the first tip to gain more wins in RoS game! It is pretty crucial despite it looks easy to carry out! After being connected with the match, people usually jumped into crowded places and they encountered the worst circumstances instantly. Therefore, it is not fitting when many persons believe that they can rob more when they fight in the best territories.
Attempt to pick out an appropriate moment and land on somewhere that is quieter. If you have already started Rules of Survival game, you can evade conflict and gear up your character. It is really safer than rushing into aggressive crowds.


SoundsTo achieve more wins in Rules of Survival, you should make use of the sound. Hints from the noise that you hear or create will bring back different consequences. Footsteps and the gunfire emitted are very effective to detect the foes’ whereabouts. You can wear headphones to find more. Additionally, limit making noises or you can be killed sooner.
Race against the shrinking zone in RoS
Race against the shrinking zone in RoSOnce you embark on RoS game, you will be forced to play for a special zone that can shrink after the battle is activated. It comes with the gas causing the death of you and everybody in its range. You have to stay in a safe location and always defend yourself from the toxic gas or opponents around. You must keep living while moving to the next province! Handle your time smartly so you can run away promptly!
Eliminate the rival!
While you are attacking someone on the map of Rules of Survival, you can be knocked down whenever. Observe the surroundings and perform your action if you feel sure.

Drive vehicles if necessary!

Drive vehicles if necessary!Controlling a car or a motorbike or any means will be helpful for you to move rapidly. Nevertheless, it’s capable of causing noises and you will be spotted. Be quiet to stay alive!

Conceal your position in Late-game!

Amongst tips & strategies to have more wins in Rules of Survival, you can select to hide your space. If you are fighting with about 20 survivors, it’s actually hard to do that! Take deadly aim before shooting and leave afterward!
Have a look at the buildings and check them to go into!
In deserted buildings of Rules of Survival PC the game, players can set traps and ambush. If you’d like to enter the door and rob something, it’s essential to act wisely. Rooms can contain secrets that you cannot think.
Choose the matching armaments before you encounter other adversaries!
Weapons always play a significant role in Rules of Survival guides. Shotguns are useful to raid abandoned establishments. Guns or throwables will be utilized, depending on the environment you access.
Together with weapons, it’s recommended to reload! It’s obligatory before battling against the corrival!

Scout if you want to loot somebody died!

Scout if you want to loot somebody died!To upgrade your own inventory in Rules of Survival, you can get close to a fallen someone and loot them. Nonetheless, scout everything before you accomplish your scheme or you will be kicked out of the field immediately! While scouting secretly, your health can be regained.
Best ways to gain more wins in Rules of Survival will allow you to resolve countless hazardous situations in your games. We are pleased if you share with us and everyone here your tactics. Have fun!