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Rules of Survival Online

Show off your surviving skills and try to get past all challenges in an awesome Battle Royale game online called Rules of Survival. The game was inspired by Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. You will battle against lots of online players, so take this chance to prove your abilities. After you are airdropped into an island, you need to start roaming the locations to find the weapons, items, and more equipment that will help you defeat the enemies. They are doing the same mission, so they won’t be hesitant to shoot you down. Act faster and use your tactics to cope with all dangers! There is a safe zone in the game that keeps getting smaller. You must survive in that zone until the end! That means you have to get rid of all other remaining enemies so you can become the last man standing. Will you be able to achieve that goal? Will you last longer? Jump into this Multiplayer Shooter game now!

How to play :

Perform the movements of your character using keys WASD. The mouse is used for aiming, shooting or punching.

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