Rules of Survival PC Download and Install

Rules of Survival game PC is available to download and install! So now, besides enjoying this Battle Royale game on your smartphone, you can totally play it on your computer. The PC version has just been out recently, but it already draws the attention of the players in the whole community. Playing this fantastic Multiplayer Shooter game on a big screen like a computer will be much cooler when you can enjoy the graphics, backgrounds with amazing 3D effects.

Although it’s a new version, you can still experience the same gameplay mechanics and undergo so many challenges as well as achieve the main objective which is becoming the last man standing. The only different point of PC version is that you have to use your keyboard and mouse instead of just tapping on the screen of your mobile device to interact with your player.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that the game has been already installed on your smartphone before you access the PC version. At the main interface on the mobile device, you need to get the QR code, then launch the game on your PC, and make it read that code.

Download Rules of Survival for PC

Rules of Survival for PC

How to install Rules of Survival PC

System requirement

System Requirements

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