Battle Royale games are so popular nowadays, and Rules of Survival is one of them that you shouldn’t miss! Inspired by Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, this awesome clone will let you experience more challenges with a fierce battle where the death keeps following you behind. All players will get opportunities to show off their surviving abilities. If you are interested in this new Battle Royale game, just quickly check it out right now!

Rules of Survival

About Rules of Survival
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Rules of Survival opens a savage combat between 120 connected players from around the world. Similar
to PUBG game, you will be dropped down onto a strange island by using your parachute. While you are descending, you should take a look at the map and choose a location before you land on. You are suggested to pick the place that has several buildings because they are the places that have a high rate of weapon and vehicle spawns, but they will come along with some risks, especially the traps that were already set by others. You need to find the weapons, items as well as vehicles faster so you can gear up yourself to battle against others.

When you become a well-armed player, now it’s time for a real battle to begin! Go to many locations to hunt for the enemies if you are an aggressive survivor, and killing them is your favorite thing. But if you don’t want to enjoy fierce elements, you can dodge the combat as well as use your own tactics to keep yourself alive until the end. If you choose to join the fight, make sure you shoot down the rivals as soon as you catch sight of them. You’re not allowed to act late in the game because that will increase a chance of being destroyed. The enemies are so sensitive when they learn that you are trying to kill them. Hence, you have to be sure that they won’t get an edge over you. Show no mercy to anybody!

It’s better for you to team up with other friends and play as a good team trying to take out the opponents. In the game, you can choose to join a squad mode to get a brand new experience rather than just playing as a solitary survivor. Sometimes, working with your teammates is great because you can share your tactics or support each other during the combat.

A safe zone is an important feature that you have to keep an eye on. It’s the same as the safe area in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The zone won’t stop getting smaller, so you must try your hardest to stay alive in it and become the last one standing, which is also the main goal of the game. Be sure to develop your tactics, employ them and always be aware of the incoming dangers.

In-game features

Rules of Survival game presents to you amazing features, so let’s explore what they are:

  • Running and fighting are two great factors in the game. This means that you have a choice to run away from a combat or engage in it to battle against the enemies.
  • The game features a large HD map with nice graphics, backgrounds, music, as well as stunning 3D effects.
  • You can join a solo or a squad mode to experience challenges as a solitary survivor or play with your teammates.
  • Many types of weapons, items, and vehicles are featured in the game. Try to collect them as much as you can then use them to your advantage.
  • With a vast map, you will experience so many terrains.
    Rules of Survival Game

How to download and install Rules of Survival game

  • Downloading and installing the game is not hard at all! Follow some guidance steps below to enjoy it:
  • Go to your App Store on your device, including Apple App Store, Google Play Store, then search for the game. After that, you can download and install it. You can download APK’s File so as to play the game.
  • Tap the game icon on your device to launch it.
  • At the main interface of the game, you need to nickname your character first.
  • Tap “Play” button and then choose your game mode

The screen will display some important information that you need to know, like the actions of your characters, such as jumping, running, punching and more. Also, you can even check the number of current players that are still alive in the game.

To interact with your character, you need to touch the buttons shown on the screen.

Download Rules of Survival

ROS PC ROS Android
Rules of Survival for PC
Rules of Survival For Android
Rules of Survival For iOS
Rules of Survival For APK

System requirements

To play the game on Android device, the Android version must be 4.0 or later.

But if you are an iOS user, make sure the iOS version of your device, like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is at least 7.0.

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